Sunday, 6 September 2009


Anna's chapter, 'Redefining Refuge: the Shifting Status of the Refugee' appears in the 2nd Edition of 'From the Local to the Global: Key Issues in Development Studies', Pluto Press, London and New York, August 2009. Purchase here.

Anna has written for the Amnesty International blog, 'Belfast and Beyond'. Read here. Some posts include:

  • 'RIP Abeer Qassim Al-Janabi (2006), David Kelly (2003) and 100,000 others'. Read here.

  • 'Beyond Guantanamo: the inhuman body of the iconic face'. Read here.

  • 'Outsourcing abuse'. Read here.

Anna's most recent article is about SERCO's new contract to provide "asylum support services" in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The article was written for the new RightsNI blog, where Anna is a guest author. Read it here.

Anna wrote more about the opening of the first purpose-built immigration detention centre in Northern Ireland, for the Institute of Race Relations here.

Anna recently wrote about the brutality of UK deportations for The Guardian here. She has also written for Forth magazine on open borders here and on biometric identity documents here. She has written for the Institute of Race Relations: 'Shockwaves, Romanians in Belfast'. IRR site here.

Anna presented a paper entitled 'Under the borders, the people' to the SOAS, University of London conference, ''Seeking Refuge: caught between bureaucracy, lawyers and public indifference?'. The paper, in PDF format, can be downloaded from here.